We are excited to now offer a new line of VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS

(Produced By Resources)

Antioxidant Formula– A unique formula designed to provide a natural blend of antioxidants for dogs to help promote better overall well-being.

Anxiety & Stress– A complex blend that provides a calming effect without changing emotional balance and personality.

Blood & Energy– Supports the formation of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to the tissues and helps improves energy and vitality.

Bone & Joint Maintenance– Helps build and maintain healthy joints and connective tissue while also helping to improve overall health and vitality.

Daily Health– A complex blend of vitamins, minerals,herbs,antioxidants and essential fatty acids to promote optimal daily health, energy and vitality.

Joint Support Plus– Contains Glucosamine, Perna Mussel and MSM to maintain joint health.

Pain Plus– A blend of natural ingredients to help support the dog’s inflammatory responses which helps reduce discomfort, with normal activity.

Urinary Tract Support– An optimum blend of herbs and mushrooms to help support and maintain normal PH.

Protegrity GI– A clinical strength health supplement to support better stool quality and balance the pet’s gastrointestinal system.